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CEREC® Crowns Could Be the Right Fit

CEREC® Crowns could be the answer if you are looking for an alternative to conventional metal dental crowns. CEREC® Crowns are matched to the color of your natural teeth and will give you the million-dollar smile that you have been eluding you for years.

Conventional dental crowns are fashioned out of different types of materials including porcelain fused to metal, all metal, porcelain, all ceramic or resin. Your wait time depends on the crown material that you choose, and that is where CEREC® Crowns come in. CEREC® Crowns are completed in a single dental appointment avoiding temporary crowns, which can be more costly and time consuming.

Crowns can be used for a variety of reasons that include:

Covering a broken or cracked tooth

Covering a root canal

Covering a weak tooth because of a large filling

Covering an implant

Covering anchor teeth to support a bridge

CEREC® Crowns

CEREC® is made at Dr. Shinto’s dental office and is a block of resin or ceramic. Because the process is completed in a single dental appointment, you don’t have to worry about a temporary crown or take another hour off work.

CEREC® uses CAD/CAM computer software that works with the milling system. Dr. Shinto or his team of dentists in Pasadena will take 3D pictures of your teeth so that the milling machine can make a CEREC® Crown that will fit over the top of your natural tooth perfectly. Dr, Shinto, or one of his dentists in Pasadena will design your CEREC® Crown making sure that the color matches your natural teeth. CEREC® Crowns are also stronger than conventional crowns as CEREC® Crowns are made from a single block of resin or porcelain ceramic.

These days you have plenty of options when it comes to Dental Crowns. Call or click and talk to a team member from Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists today for the smile of your dreams. Call or click now!