Dental Crowns in One Appointment Yes, Really!

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Dental Crowns in One Appointment Yes, Really!

Dental crowns are used for both restorative and cosmetic dental work. Dental crowns are used to cover root canals or to cap a large filling. Dental crowns can also be used like porcelain veneers to repair chips and cracks and to fill small spaces between your teeth.

Twenty-five years ago, dentists had no choice but to use metal and porcelain for dental crowns. An impression was made that needed to be sent to a dental lab, this usually took about a week. During that time patients were required to wear an uncomfortable dental crown until the permanent crown could be replaced. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore.

CEREC is the CAD/CAM system that allows Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena Dentists to create, manufacture, and place a dental crown in a single dental visit. It really is that simple. You can walk in for your crown and walk out with a beautiful, permanent new dental crown.

With CEREC Dr. Paul Shinto will take digital pictures of the tooth or teeth that are to be crowned. After the images have been taken, Dr. Paul Shinto will check the images and make any changes that may be needed for proper fit and color. A shade will also be chosen to match the rest of your smile. When all of the information is inputted into the CAD/CAM system, it will be sent to a milling machine that is located in Dr. Paul Shinto’s dental office. All you have to do is relax for about 30 minutes while your new CEREC crown is being made. Once the milling machine has done its job, your new crown will be checked for color and fit before being securely bonded into place. After the final polishing you will be ready to walk out the door with a brand new dental crown.

If you would like more information regarding CEREC crowns, call or click and schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena Dentists today.