Family Dental Care is the Best Care

Family Dental Care is the Best Care

Family Dental Care is the Best Care

Dr. Paul Shinto, and Dr. Kyle Low have been dentists for decades helping families understand the importance of dental care.

From the moment your child is born his or her teeth and gums are growing. Once the first tooth takes the stage, it’s time to schedule your baby’s first dental appointment in Pasadena.

First Dental Appointment

When your child reaches the age of six to twelve months the first teeth start to come in. Once you see that first tooth it’s important to make an appointment with the dentist.

The first checkup with your dentist is where your child will learn about the dental practice and enjoy a positive experience.

During your child’s checkups, your dentist will look for tooth decay or any other abnormalities.

Even a single tooth can be decayed due to prolonged exposure to sugary drinks. Baby bottle decay is real and something that every parent must be aware of.

Nipping the issue in the bud is the only way to prevent chronic issues, such as cavities and gingivitis down the road.

Preparing for Your Dental Visit

Make your first trip to your dentist in fun. It’s a new adventure with sounds and sights that he or she has never been exposed to before. Be sure to have fun the minute you set out for the dental practice so that first moment is memorable in a good way.

Even if you have had bad experiences in the past or suffer from dental anxiety, it’s important not to reflect that fear onto your child.

Start the day by telling your baby what you are doing for the day. Keep your voice and tone positive and uplifting. Help your child practice by saying, “Ahh, “while opening and closing your mouth at the same time.

Show your kids fun dental videos that will prepare them for the first visit to the dentist in Pasadena as well.

Dental Checkups Pasadena

If you have a family, you can trust Dr. Paul Shinto, and Dr. Kyle Low, to care for your family’s teeth and gums.

Call or send a direct message make appointments for your family today.