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Watch What You Indulge in over the Holidays

Even if you have a perfect smile, you will still want to watch what you eat and drink over the holidays as even the healthiest foods and beverages can cause problems for your toothy grin. Eating the wrong types of food can cause tooth decay and even gum disease.

According to your dentist, it is important to slow down when it comes to dried fruits. Dates, figs, and apricots may be tempting, but if you find yourself snacking all day long on dried mangos and apples, you could be weakening the enamel on your teeth. Dried fruits will almost immediately turn to acid, which will wear away the enamel on your teeth. If you must have a slice of Great Aunt Liza’s sweet cherry and cranberry bread make sure that you rinse or brush afterwards.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without candy canes, but it is best to leave them on the tree. Because candy canes take awhile to consume they will coat your teeth with sugar while you leave them in your mouth. Bacteria love those high levels of sugar and will produce acid increasing your risk of enamel erosion and cavities.

If you don’t want to spend the first week of January at the dentist’s office having your cavities filled avoid anything that has caramel. Even caramel corn or Christmas cookies will wear away the enamel on your teeth because caramel tends to stick to your molars and between your teeth. According to your dentist, caramel is one of the worst things that you can eat.

You may love your dads’ homemade peanut brittle, but it can be just as harmful to your teeth as that caramel apple you just said no to. Just like caramel, peanut brittle will stick to the groves and fissures in your teeth making it difficult to rinse away with water.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without those delicious sugary baked goods. However, if you have family and friends who love to bake cakes, brownies, Christmas cookies and fruitcakes, you will want to make sure that you enjoy in moderation. Most Christmas treats are loaded with sugar and because of the starch can become caught between your teeth. If you do enjoy make sure that you brush and floss your teeth as soon as possible.

If you like wine avoid white and stick with a glass or two of red wine as recent research has indicated that red wine may help prevent tooth decay as it helps rid your mouth of bad bacteria. White wine is highly acidic and can cause enamel erosion. Red wine does stain your teeth so make sure that you brush after you drink.

If you would like more information, regarding food and beverages for the holidays call or click and schedule an appointment with your dentist today.