Dental Veneers have certainly come a long way, in fact, thanks to CEREC; you can have dental veneers placed in a single appointment.

CEREC dental veneers are made using CAD/CAM technology. This means that you can be fitted for dental veneers in a single office visit and have them placed in-house because everything is made on site.

If you are considering dental veneers, schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Shinto and his Pasadena dentist team. During your appointment, your teeth and gums will be examined to determine if you are a good fit for CEREC dental veneers. If you are, each tooth will be prepared for the veneer. Once prepared, your dentist will use the CEREC camera to take two or three pictures of each tooth.

After the photos have been taken, the pictures will come up on the computer screen in 3-D. Dr. Paul Shinto and his dental team will design each veneer on the screen in order to make the exact size and shape to fit your tooth.

Once satisfied, the veneer will be milled out of dental ceramic right in the Pasadena dentist’s office. Your dentist can choose the correct shade to match the rest of your teeth as the CEREC ceramic blocks come in several different tooth colors.

When your CEREC veneers are ready, Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena cosmetic dentists will bond the CEREC veneers on to the prepared tooth.

Some of the advantages for CEREC dental veneers include:

No messy impressions or molds

Everything is done in the dentist’s office

No lab work

CEREC crowns, fillings, and veneers can be completed in a little over sixty minutes

No temporary crowns or dental veneers

Less shots because it only takes one dental appointment

If you have been reluctant to get dental veneers because they are permanent, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists as CEREC requires very little removal of your natural tooth. Porcelain veneers require about a millimeter of removal.

For more information regarding CEREC veneers, CEREC crowns, CEREC fillings or CEREC inlays or onlays, call and schedule an appointment today.