Porcelain veneers could be the answer if you have chipped or cracked teeth. If you have badly stained teeth that cannot be whitened with traditional teeth whitening methods, talk to Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists about porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are more affordable than you think and are certainly not just reserved for the rich and famous.

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are placed directly on the front of your teeth. Because a small portion of the tooth needs to be removed to make way for the veneer, dental veneers are permanent.

Before Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists can place your new porcelain veneers, your teeth and gums will be checked to make sure that they are healthy enough for any cosmetic dental procedure, as you will need to be free from tooth decay and gum disease.

If you are given the all clear, Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena Dentists will remove a small portion of the enamel on your teeth, you may or may not require anesthetic for this part of the cosmetic dental treatment. Once a small amount of enamel is removed, a mold or impression will be made so that your veneers can be custom made. If your teeth are unsightly, temporary veneers may be placed.

Once your new veneers are ready, which could take a couple of weeks, Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena Dentists will roughen the tooth so that the bonding material will adhere to both the tooth and the veneer. Once placed, the veneers will be checked for fit before being permanently placed.

If a Hollywood smile has been eluding you, call or click and schedule a no obligation porcelain veneers consultation with the team of Pasadena Dentists. It really will make a difference to your smile and your self-esteem. 


Dental Veneers
By Zoya Khan
September 19, 2018
Thanks for this article, I have always wanted my teeth to be white but no matter what I do, my teeth still doesn't look as bright as I wanted. I went to a dental clinic and they suggested me the same and now, after reading this, I am completely sure that I should get veneers.