Professional teeth whitening may be all you need for your stained and discolored smile. If you have been enjoying a bit too much red wine, coffee or tea, your pearly whites could be paying the price.

A dull smile can be brightened with professional teeth whitening and in some cases can be done in a single dental appointment with chairside whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening Instead of Over the Counter

Those over the counter tooth whitening strips, pastes, gels, and trays may be less expensive than professional teeth whitening, but they don’t work as well. Professional teeth whitening can lighten teeth up to ten shades while over the counter bleaching products don’t even come close.

Because those products don’t work as well as professional teeth whitening, people have a tendency to use too often or too much. Too much teeth-whitening product will cause tooth sensitivity and even enamel damage. Some people who over whiten complain of chalky or see through teeth.

What Types of Professional Teeth Whitening is Available?

Depending on your smile, your Pasadena dentist may recommend in office tooth whitening or custom made take home trays.  Sometimes Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists may recommend both.

Chairside whitening takes place in the dentist’s office and is completed in less than an hour. You can walk into with a dull and lifeless smile and walk out with a dazzling grin that will turn heads.

Custom-made trays are used every night or as recommended by your dentist in Pasadena.

Does Tooth Whitening Work for Everyone?

Not everyone is a good candidate for professional teeth whitening. If you have porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants or other types of restorations tooth whitening will not work. Teeth with intrinsic or interior staining may not respond to tooth whitening either.

Although professional teeth whitening isn’t right for everyone, it may be right for you. Call or click and schedule a no obligation teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena Dentists today.