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Professional teeth whitening may be all you need for your stained and discolored smile. If you have been enjoying a bit too much red wine, coffee or tea, your pearly whites could be paying the price.

A dull smile can be brightened with professional teeth whitening and in some cases can be done in a single dental appointment with chairside whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening Instead of Over the Counter

Those over the counter tooth whitening strips, pastes, gels, and trays may be less expensive than professional teeth whitening, but they don’t work as well. Professional teeth whitening can lighten teeth up to ten shades while over the counter bleaching products don’t even come close.

Because those products don’t work as well as professional teeth whitening, people have a tendency to use too often or too much. Too much teeth-whitening product will cause tooth sensitivity and even enamel damage. Some people who over whiten complain of chalky or see through teeth.

What Types of Professional Teeth Whitening is Available?

Depending on your smile, your Pasadena dentist may recommend in office tooth whitening or custom made take home trays.  Sometimes Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists may recommend both.

Chairside whitening takes place in the dentist’s office and is completed in less than an hour. You can walk into with a dull and lifeless smile and walk out with a dazzling grin that will turn heads.

Custom-made trays are used every night or as recommended by your dentist in Pasadena.

Does Tooth Whitening Work for Everyone?

Not everyone is a good candidate for professional teeth whitening. If you have porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants or other types of restorations tooth whitening will not work. Teeth with intrinsic or interior staining may not respond to tooth whitening either.

Although professional teeth whitening isn’t right for everyone, it may be right for you. Call or click and schedule a no obligation teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena Dentists today.


Your teeth and gums are affected when you embark on a weight loss program. Although the diets that your dentist in Pasadena is going to talk about may reduce your waistline, they can cause serious problems for your teeth and gums. Below are some diets that could cause problems for your teeth and gums.

Low Fat Diet

Embarking on a diet that is low in fat interferes with fat-soluble vitamin absorption. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are vital for oral health as they help you absorb much needed calcium. If your body isn’t able to absorb calcium, bones and teeth will begin to break down.

Dopamine is also produced by your brain when you consume fat and helps your mood. A diet that is low in omega-3 fats also causes an increase in anxiety and stress. According to Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists, stress could cause teeth grinding and problems with your TMJ.

Ketogenic Diets and Low Carb Diets

If you have been following a low carb or no carb diet, your breath will begin to smell like acetone or nail polish remover. Sometimes it can smell like rotten fruit. If this is the case, your body is in ketosis and burning fat, not carbs, for fuel.

Get rid of Keto breath by chewing on mint and parsley. The best way to get rid of bad breath is to start eating carbs again. Without carbs, your body may begin to burn muscle, not fat.

Diets Low in Calories

Cutting calories will help you lose weight, but reducing your intake of food can also cause problems for your overall health as you are depleting your body of vitamins and minerals. Malnutrition can cause the enamel on your teeth to soften and even weaken your jawbone causing eventual tooth loss.

Fruit Detox Diet

Although it may seem perfectly ok to live on fruit for a week or two, having such a sparse diet will affect your teeth and gums and your body. Besides malnutrition, the acid and sugar in most fruits will damage the enamel. This leaves you vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.

Be mindful of your teeth and gums and talk to your Pasadena dentist about a good diet for teeth and gums. Call for an appointment today.


Most people have had something come up, say a special event, where looks are everything. It could be a class reunion, a wedding or a special date with your old high school flame. Whatever the reason having a beautiful smile is part of the picture.

Your smile is everything. People notice your smile the first time you approach them. If yours isn’t up to par it destroys your self-confidence and changes your personal energy. Being self-assured gives you the confidence to show the world you are happy.

CEREC® Crowns for Instant Results

Back in the day you had to prepare months in advance for cosmetic dentistry. Thankfully that isn’t the case anymore as modern day dentistry is equipped to give you a new smile in as little as a single dental appointment. Your crooked, chipped, or cracked teeth are restored with CEREC® Crowns.

How Do CEREC® Crowns Work?

Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists have everything in house. From the special CAD/CAM dentistry to the CEREC® milling machine. Because your crown is being prepared while you wait, you are saving time and money.

With CEREC® Crowns you won’t have to come back to your Pasadena dentist for another appointment unless you are requiring additional CEREC® Crowns.

What Can CEREC® Crowns Do For Me?

CEREC® Crowns are used to restore chipped, cracked and broken teeth. Dr. Shinto and his team of Pasadena cosmetic dentists may also recommend CEREC® Crowns  for stained teeth. CEREC® Crowns are just like regular cosmetic dental crowns, without the wait.

Are CEREC® Crowns Strong?

With proper oral hygiene, CEREC® Crowns are just as sturdy as other cosmetic dental crowns. Of course, you must be careful. Don’t chew on pencils, ice or your nails. Just like porcelain veneers and dental bonding it is easy to chip when you munch on something that shouldn’t be in your mouth.

If you would like more information regarding CEREC® Crowns, call or click and schedule an no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Paul Shinto and his team of Pasadena dentists.

Your smile is waiting, and will reward you. Call or click today.

A beautiful smile makes a lasting impression, and if you need a quick fix to whiten your smile there are a few things that your dentist recommends for that first date or job interview.

According to Colgate, an attractive smile makes you look younger and appear more radiant. Having a great smile can also improve your confidence making you a shoe in when it comes to that job opportunity.

One of the quickest and least expensive ways to brighten your smile is to schedule an appointment with your dentist for in office tooth whitening. If you are unable to get in to see your dentist at the last minute or professional tooth whitening isn’t in your budget, you can buy whitening toothpaste, gel or whitening strips over the counter, but according to your dentist, you will not achieve the same results that you would if you have your teeth whitened by a professional.

Tooth bleaching kits from your local pharmacy contain less hydrogen peroxide than the products that your dentist uses. Over the counter tooth whitening rinses, gels, pastes, and strips only have about 3 to 10 percent while professional tooth bleaching products weigh in at 15 to 35 percent hydrogen peroxide.

In office tooth whitening is the quickest way to brighten your teeth and can be done in as little as an hour and a half.

During your appointment, your dentist will apply a special gel to your teeth before using a laser to penetrate the tooth whitening gel. You will notice dramatic results immediately. Your dentist may also recommend custom-made tooth whitening trays to use in conjunction with the in office Power Bleaching system.

If you have an event, such as a reunion or wedding, that is coming up in the future, schedule an appointment with your dentist who can determine if your teeth and gums are healthy enough for other dental restoration procedures including dental veneers, dental bonding or tooth colored fillings.

For more information regarding in office tooth whitening, custom made bleaching systems or other cosmetic dental techniques, schedule an appointment with your dentist today. 

If that nagging toothache is still giving you problems in the New Year, it’s time to call and schedule an appointment with your dentist. Regardless of the problem, pain is a sign that something is wrong whether it be a cracked tooth, a leaky filling, or a cavity.

Your dentist explains that a dental problem will not go away on its own. A cavity will get worse, which could lead to a more painful abscess, while bleeding gums could cause gum recession. If left too long, bleeding gums could cause tooth loss.

Although there are some toothaches that may come and go with no explanation, any sort of problem that you have should be looked at as soon as possible.

If you have a cavity that isn’t filled it could lead to pulp damage eventually causing the nerves in your tooth to die off. If that happens you will need root canal therapy. Even a mild toothache that comes and goes could cause serious problems, even death.

Although it may be hard to grasp, a toothache can turn deadly. If you have pain while you chew or your teeth and gums are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures you should schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately. Any swelling or gum redness could indicate that you have an infection between your teeth and gums or inside the tooth itself. That infection could be deadly.

The number of people in the United States who have been admitted to the emergency room because of a tooth abscess is on the increase. Over the past eight years, hospitalizations for tooth abscesses, or periaphical abscesses has increased by over 40 percent. Although there is no exact explanation for this growing trend, some experts believe it is because people delay treatment because they do not have insurance or are not covered by Medicare. If this is your situation, call your dentist who may be able to help you come up with a financial solution for your dental problem.

Don’t wait until it is too late, call for a solution to your nagging toothache today.